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Watermelon Wedges by Candy King On Salt 30ML TFN

Watermelon Wedges by Candy King On Salt 30ML TFN

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Watermelon Wedges Candy King TFN Salt is a tobacco-free nicotine salt e-liquid with a lip-smacking aroma and taste you will not be able to put down. As you start vaping, it will make your mouth water with each puff you take. Watermelon Wedges TFN salt e-liquid has been perfectly balanced with just the right amount of candied flavor and watermelon to create a sour-sweet taste.

Delivering a flawless vape of sour watermelon candy that explodes with savory notes this fantastic creation may become your favorite. Candy King TFN Salt Watermelon Wedges comes in a 30ml unicorn bottle with a solid throat hit blend of 50VG/50PG. Soothe your thirst and stay satisfied with Watermelon Wedges.

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