Collection: Director’s Cut E juice

Directors Cut Premium Liquids is the brainchild of the creative geniuses over at Bad Drip, a brand known for pushing the envelope when it comes to juice-making. The ejuices from Directors Cut Premium Liquids are inspired by classic horror movies. The gloriously frightful imagery on each bottle makes these flavors even more coveted among vape enthusiasts worldwide.

Horror fans will delight in the fact that each eliquid is named after a classic horror film. More importantly, the flavors live up to the hype. Anyone who has tasted the exquisite flavors from Bad Drip won’t be surprised to discover that each ejuice from Directors Cut Premium Liquids is intensely flavorful and outrageously yummy.

Candy fiends will adore My Undead Girlfriend vape juice, a succulent hard candy that’s infused with the flavors of sweet strawberries, tangy pineapples and crisp apples. The juiciness of this liquid is explosive. The sugary candy finish, meanwhile, is irresistible.

Nancey’s New Nightmare vape juice is a tasty tribute to one of our favorite breakfast meals. The eliquid tastes just like a fluffy Belgian waffle that’s topped with savory pecans, rich hazelnuts and sticky salted caramel.

The Devil Inside vape juice is a deeply refreshing fruit blend that washes away your worries with tart berries, crisp green apples and cool, sweet watermelon juice. Every hit is like that first sip of cold fruit juice when you’re feeling incredibly parched. The brightness of the fruits makes this vape juice perfect for hot summer weather.

There’s a large population of vape enthusiasts who crave a good whack of sourness when they vape a candy flavor. The Lost One vape juice is the perfect sour and sweet treat, pounding the palate with the taste of remarkably tart blue raspberry candy that has a stunningly sweet finish.

The four e-liquids from Directors Cut are going to blow you away with delicious flavor that’s anything but nightmarish.