Pampaya by TWIST & DNA Eliquid 120ML

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Twist x DNA Pampaya By Twist E-Liquids

The full notes of juicy pomegranate and rich papaya are carefully pulled apart and pieced back together by our master mixologist to create a flavorful and unique blend that incorporates the best parts of each of these individual elements. 

Give yourself over to this enjoyable and interestingly tangy mix of layered flavors that gradually unravel to reveal themselves with each consecutive inhale. This intricate combination of papaya and pomegranate were blended by our master scientists in their bid to bring out the best parts of these complementary flavors.

This distinct yet enjoyably varied flavor reintroduces you to the tastes of papaya and pomegranate in ways that you never thought possible.  Allow your taste buds to roam free on a journey of discovery that opens up a new layer with every inhale.