Mango by Air Factory 100ML

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Air Factory has consistently delivered the most remarkable and appetizing flavor concoctions to the vaping community. From confectionary candy delights, to fruit and dessert delicacies, every creation baring the Air Factory brand name has been crafted to perfection. They have recently added to their prestigious collection with the addition of Mango. This mouthwatering flavor has been an instant hit and is sure to satisfy you with every puff.

Mango E-Juice by Air Factory is a truly delicious fruit flavor that will light up the taste buds and stimulate the senses. Every draw of this gem floods the tongue with the sweet and juicy taste of tropical mangoes. The exhale is complemented with a hint of sweet Hawaiian pineapples, rounding off the finish brilliantly.

If you enjoy fruit-inspired e-liquids, don’t think twice about trying Mango by Air Factory!