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Lemonomenon Salt by Nomenon & Noms X2 Salts 30ML

Lemonomenon Salt by Nomenon & Noms X2 Salts 30ML

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Lemonomenon Salt by Nomenon & Noms X2 Salts 30ML - A Citrusy Nicotine Salt Sensation

Elevate your nicotine salt vaping experience with Lemonomenon Salt by Nomenon & Noms X2 Salts. This 30mL nicotine salt e-liquid bottle offers a burst of vibrant and tangy lemon flavor that's perfect for satisfying your citrus cravings.

Lemonomenon Salt Features:

  • E-liquid Volume: 30mL
  • Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottle
  • Nicotine Levels: 24mg, 48mg
  • 50% VG / 50% PG
  • Crafted in the USA

Flavor Description:

Lemonomenon Salt by Nomenon & Noms X2 Salts delivers a citrusy sensation with each puff. As you inhale, your taste buds will be delighted by the bright and zesty notes of freshly squeezed lemons. It's a true lemon lover's dream that provides an invigorating and satisfying vape.

Customize your nicotine experience with a choice of nicotine levels, including 24mg and 48mg, allowing you to find the perfect nicotine satisfaction for your cravings.

50/50 VG/PG Blend:

The 50% VG (vegetable glycerin) and 50% PG (propylene glycol) blend ensures a balanced vapor production and flavor retention, making it suitable for a wide range of pod systems and mouth-to-lung devices.

Crafted in the USA:

Rest assured that Nomenon & Noms X2 Salts takes pride in crafting this nicotine salt e-liquid in the United States, ensuring premium quality and consistency.

At EJUICE VAPE DISTRO, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional value, including unbeatable prices. Elevate your vaping experience with the citrusy delight of Lemonomenon Salt. Grab your 30mL bottle today and enjoy this vibrant lemon sensation with nicotine salt satisfaction at an incredible prices.

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