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Dewberry Fruit by Kilo Fruit Series 100ML

Dewberry Fruit by Kilo Fruit Series 100ML

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Dewberry Fruit Ejuice by Kilo Eliquids 100ml is a intoxicating fruit blend of honeydew, sweet melon, and tart berries.

With each puff the flavor packed Kilo Dewberry Fruit rolls over your tongue with berry flavor notes giving you a mouth full of sweetness. Then the tart berries will bounce off your taste buds in delight. On the exhale, a creamy melon flavor is sure to seal the deal.

After just one puff you will be hooked on Dewberry Fruit by Kilo Eliquids 100ml. The tart berries and sweet melon flavor vape juice will have you thinking, is this really vape and not actual fruit? 

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