Custard Monster Blueberry Custard by Jam Monster 100ML

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Custard Monster Blueberry Custard Ejuice is a vape juice flavors that combines the taste of sweet yet tart taste of blueberries with the taste of succulent custard. This blueberry flavored vape juice will have your taste buds watering from your first puff until your last. 

As you inhale Custard Monster Blueberry Custard by Jam Monster, the taste of blueberries will swirl across your taste buds and cause your eyes to roll back in happiness. As you exhale, the taste of the delicious custard vape juice base will combine with the blueberries to create a vape juice flavor that will have your taste buds tingling for more. This vape juice flavor is perfect for those of you who enjoy a sweet treat!

Custard Monster is brought to you by the infamous brand Jam Monster. This vape juice line combines the amazing fruity flavors that they already have down to a T with a custard base that will drive your taste buds crazy all-day-long. Jam Monster is a certainly a vape juice brand that you will want to try every flavor that they release. 

Custard Monster Blueberry Custard 100ml will take your taste buds on an adventure of amazing custard goodness. This fusion of blueberries and custard will drive your taste buds into a frenzy.