Cereal Milk by Kilo Series 100ML

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Kilo Cereal Milk by Kilo Original Series 100ml is that same flavor you love that was previously packed into that tiny 60ml bottle. Now its time to upgrade, enjoy more with 40 more milliliters for your favorite vape juice!

Cereal Milk by Kilo Eliquids is a silky blend of mixed fruits with intense lemon and strawberry vape juice flavors! Don't miss out on your favorite bowl of cereal when now you can now indulge in it all day long! This blend of tart lemons and juicy strawberries is sure to please with every puff, from the first to last.

On the inhale a sweet rush of succulent strawberries will smother your tongue. Your taste buds will be delighted with each puff as those tart notes from that savory lemon flavor dance across them. On the exhale a silky milk flavor washes down the intense fruity flavors.

Kilo Cereal Milk delivers an authentic cereal taste that will make any breakfast fanatic go crazy.