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Cereal Milk by Kilo Series 100ML

Cereal Milk by Kilo Series 100ML

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Kilo Cereal Milk by Kilo Original Series is your beloved flavor, now in a larger 100ml bottle, providing you with even more of the taste you adore. Say goodbye to those small 60ml bottles and embrace more vaping pleasure!

Cereal Milk by Kilo Eliquids is a luxurious fusion of various fruits, enriched with the bold flavors of lemon and strawberry. No need to miss out on your favorite cereal – now you can indulge in it all day long! This delightful concoction of zesty lemons and succulent strawberries is a treat from the very first puff to the very last.

With each inhale, your taste buds will be enveloped in a sweet rush of juicy strawberries, saturating your tongue with fruity goodness. As you continue to vape, the tart hints of luscious lemon will elegantly dance across your palate, delivering a tantalizing contrast. Upon exhaling, the creamy milk flavor will wash over you, providing a smooth and soothing finish to the vibrant fruit flavors.

Kilo Cereal Milk offers an authentic cereal experience that's bound to excite any breakfast fanatic. Elevate your vaping journey with this delectable e-liquid, now available in a more generous 100ml bottle. At Ejuice Vape Distro, we're committed to delivering the finest vape juice options, and Kilo Cereal Milk is no exception. Enjoy the goodness of your beloved cereal with every puff and seize the opportunity to experience an all-day cereal delight.

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