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Azul Berries by Naked 100 60ML

Azul Berries by Naked 100 60ML

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Experience vaping perfection with Azul Berries from the Naked 100 Cream Collection by Naked 100. This exceptional vape juice captures the essence of freshly picked blueberries, harmoniously blended with a rich and velvety vanilla cream. The result is a flawless combination of sweet, fruity, and creamy flavors, meticulously balanced to ensure a satisfying vape without the worry of overwhelming heaviness.

Azul Berries - Features:

60mL Glass Bottle: Presented in a sleek 60mL glass bottle, Azul Berries delivers a premium vaping experience from start to finish.

Dropper in Bottle: Designed with user convenience in mind, the included dropper allows for easy and precise refills.

65% VG / 35% PG: The well-calibrated 65% VG and 35% PG blend ensures both impressive cloud production and robust flavor delivery.

Made in the USA: Crafted with pride in the USA, Azul Berries exemplifies Naked 100's commitment to quality.

Available Nicotine: Choose from a range of nicotine options, including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg, to suit your preferred nicotine strength.

Unforgettable Fusion: Azul Berries masterfully combines the succulent allure of fresh blueberries with the creamy smoothness of vanilla, creating an unforgettable flavor fusion.

Heavenly Cream Collection: Part of the prestigious Naked 100 Cream Collection, each puff of Azul Berries showcases the expertise and dedication that goes into crafting the perfect vape.

Pure Delight in Every Drop: From the very first inhale to the last exhale, Azul Berries promises a delectable experience that's nothing short of pure delight.

Elevate your vaping journey with Azul Berries by Naked 100 Cream, a meticulously crafted blend that brings together the best of both worlds: fruity succulence and luxurious creaminess, all elegantly bottled for your enjoyment.

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